blockbuster в Турецкий

i. uçak bombası, çok etkili şey

Пример Предложения

"A real blockbuster management system, then?" said Steve, a touch of wonder in his voice.
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This tape is ruined. It's also the last.
Objection! There's gotta be another one out th—
Get real, Your Majesty.
I'm going to 'Blockbuster'.
There is no store that provides tapes anymore. You're screwed.
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Another interesting company was Blockbuster Entertainment, which operates and franchises video rental stores.
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I noticed a Dunkin' Donuts and a Blockbuster Video directly across the street.
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Blockbusters command even higher amounts.
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In other words, in their jargon, they want 'blockbusters' which earn more than one billion dollars per year.
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However, we also know that, as things now stand, it is being suffocated by American blockbusters.
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A new SF blockbuster will be released soon.
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It was the first Hollywood blockbuster filming in Korea.
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"This tape is ruined. It's also the last." "Objection! There's gotta be another one out th—" "Get real, Your Majesty." "I'm going to 'Blockbuster'." "There is no store that provides tapes anymore. You're screwed." "Oah!"
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a large bomb used to demolish extensive areas (as a city block): general-purpose bomb, GP bomb
an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel): smash, hit, smasher, bang, smash hit, strike, megahit

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